Not Enough Pushback on Putin


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Deripaska's Lobbyist Visited Assange Nine Times in 2017

Unclear why so many visits and if they were connected to Russian oligarch


Clapper: "This is a real test of our resilience as a country"

Former DNI speaks with fellow CIR Advisory Board member and former Acting CIA Director Michael Morell about Russia and Trump


Senate Intel Requests Comey and McCabe

Committee Chairman Burr wants both men to return to testify


Cohen Cites Russia Probe in RNC Resignation Letter

Mentions special counsel investigation as one reason he no longer can serve as deputy finance chair


House Intel Dems Invite Strzok for Interview

Rep. Schiff (D-CA) offers FBI agent opportunity to share Russia investigation information and address bias allegations


Shell Companies and All-Cash Purchases

Analysis of Trump property buyers tied to Russia show signs of possible money laundering


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Russians likely scanned all 50 states

Nuland: "They hit a lot of mush"

Michael Cohen 'willing to give information' on Trump, source says