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Barr Offers Mueller Report Mid-April

AG predicts redacted version of special counsel findings to Congress and public in three weeks; Rep. Nadler rejects offer


Butina Wants Return to Russia

Requests expedited deportation; Claims no fear of retribution even though cooperated with U.S. authorities


Manafort to Forfeit $36 Million

Gets to keep couture clothes; Money owed to federal government makes huge dent in cost of special counsel investigation


How Flynn's Relationship With Kislyak Came to Light

One sentence during one call told national security officials something was amiss


Fight for Full Disclosure Continues

Rep. Schiff defends identifying evidence of cooperation; Democrats explore legal options as Barr holds back 300+ pages of findings


Pelosi Bats Down Barr's Letter

Calls AG four-page summary 'arrogant' and 'condescending'; Demands full Mueller report to draw own conclusions


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President Donald Trump On General Barr Releasing Mueller Report: 'I Have Nothing To Hide'

Rep. Schiff: "I don't think it's okay"

Trump: Russia investigation 'an elaborate hoax'