Microsoft Stops New Russian Offensive


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POTUS on Russia Probe: "I could run it if I want"

President repeats Giuliani's "perjury trap" line and echoes Putin's claim the investigation is damaging relations with Russia


McGahn Cooperating with Mueller

WH counsel gives special counsel information on key events related to possible obstruction of justice


Clarity on Potential Cohen Charges

Investigators reportedly looking at tax and bank fraud related to loans in excess of $20 million


Manafort Trial: Day 15

Week begins with third day of jury deliberations and still no verdict


More than 175 NatSec Experts Oppose Trump Punishing Brennan

List of former intelligence officials speaking out against POTUS pulling security clearance for political retribution grows


Butina Moved to Virginia Jail

Accused Russian spy relocated for undisclosed reason


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Giuliani: 'Truth isn't truth'

McGahn meets with Mueller on Russia probe