The 60 Million Dollar Man

News  |  Oct 13, 2017

An NBC News investigation reveals former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort had even larger financial ties with Russian oligarch and Putin ally Oleg Deripaska than previously reported. 

A newly discovered $26 million loan between a Manafort-linked company and Deripaska "brings the total of their known business dealings to around $60 million over the past decade." 

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has issued subpoenas to both Manafort and his spokesman Jason Maloni to provide documents and testimony related to the Russia investigation. 

The $26 million is just one of several loans from Deripaska's Oguster Management Ltd. to various accounts and LLCs either with ties to or controlled by Manafort: 

Lawyers specializing in money laundering said the loans appeared unusual and merited further investigation.

Manafort Had $60M Relationship with Russian Oligarch (NBC)

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