Trump on Spy Poisoning; House Intel Investigation

CSPAN  |  Mar 13, 2018


"Well, it sounds to me – I'm speaking to Theresa May today – it sounds to me like it would be Russia based on all of the evidence they have. I don't know if they've come to a conclusion, but she's calling me today." 

"As you know, now we are going to the wall. We are going out to the wall. We are going to be looking at the prototypes which is very important to our country. 

"But Theresa May is going to be speaking to me today. It sounds to me like they believe it was Russia, and I would certainly take that finding as fact."

"As soon as we get the facts straight – and we are going to be speaking with the British today. We are going to be speaking with Theresa May today, and as soon as we get the facts straight – if we agree with them – we will condemn Russia or whoever it may be."

"But I have not spoken to her. I'll speak to her sometime today."

"We're very happy with the decision by the House Intelligence Committee saying there was absolutely no collusion with respect to Russia, and it was a very powerful decision, a very strong decision. Backed up, I understand, they are going to be releasing hundreds of pages of proof and evidence. But we are very, very happy with that decision. It was a powerful decision that left no doubt. I want to thank the House Intelligence Committee, and all of the people that voted so strongly."