Russians are visiting Trump. Report from the residence of the 45th President of the United States

Russian America TV  |  Mar 12, 2019


Translated from Russian using Google Translate:

We did it! For the first time, Russian-speaking journalists report from the very heart of the residence of the 45th President of the United States in Mar-o-Lago. God bless America, country of equal opportunities! Only here could it happen that the team of a small private Russian-language channel was rendered by the sincere hospitality of the family №1!

This manor is a reflection of the personality of Donald Trump himself. Uncovered luxury causing admiration, envy and rage. And if you want to look into the soul of the President, go here! Truly the royal estate in the 20s of the last century was built by the richest woman in America - Marjorie Merriweter, and dying bequeathed to his US government with the condition that it will serve as the winter White House and become the residence of the US presidents.

The gift turned out to be unclaimed due to the exorbitant maintenance costs and Mar-o-Lago was empty, until in 1985 the estate was bought by ambitious businessman Donald Trump. Having become President, he fulfilled the 100-year plan and made this place the official residence of the Head of State.

We will tell you what specific methods Trump brought down the price of the transaction to an incredible $ 8 million, which is several times lower than the real price. How much gold did the future president of the USA spend on his residence, where are even sinks in a clean gold lavatory? How much does it cost to join Trump's private club and what annual income does the residence bring?

Why are there so many Russian beauties at the most private parties? And which men are targets for gold diggers? The past year for the legendary Mar-o-Lago has become karmic. Donald Trump fulfilled the will of Marjorie Merriweter. And we will tell about it. Sergey Danilov, Anastasia Gorshkova, Dana Dillon. The TV channel "Russian America" ​​from the estate of 45 US President Mar-o-Lago.