Obama Discusses Russian Meddling

News  |  Jan 12, 2018

In an interview taped for the first episode of David Letterman's new Netflix show, "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman," debuting today, former President Barack Obama explains the extent and danger of Russian election interference.


"What the Russians exploited, but it was already here, is we are operating in completely different information universes," Obama told Letterman ... "If you watch Fox News you are living on a different planet than you are if you listen to NPR."


"One of the biggest challenges to our democracy is the degree to which we don't share a common baseline of facts," Obama said.


"If you are getting all your information off algorithms being sent through phone and it's just reinforcing whatever biases you have, which is the pattern that develops," he said, "at a certain point, you just live in a bubble, and that's part of why our politics is so polarized right now. I think it's a solvable problem but I think it's one we have to spend a lot of time thinking about."

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