We Love Working for You

While Special Counsel Robert Mueller turned in his final report Friday, we still have work to do.

And we need your help to follow through.

The generous financial support that launched and sustained the Committee to Investigate Russia in 2017 came to a planned end in November 2018.

Believing there is great, important work here that should continue, we asked for help, and you delivered. We are so grateful.

Your support allows us to keep going.

We have some creative numbers in mind:

  • $6.90 in honor of the 6 years 9 months Paul Manafort is likely to spend in prison
  • $16 in honor of Manafort's new 16 charges in Manhattan
  • $36 for Michael Cohen's upcoming 36 months behind bars
  • $73 for how much time Manafort likely will serve *in months*
  • $90 for Manafort's total sentence of 90 consecutive months
  • $199 for the number of charges Special Counsel Mueller has filed overall so far

Of course, you are welcome to add in your own commemorative amount.

As a nonpartisan nonprofit, your contribution supports our very (!) small staff and the resources we need to maintain the quality CIR coverage you count on for the latest Russia investigation news, information, and context.

Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support.

Jacki Schechner
Committee to Investigate Russia


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